About intigos

intigos is all about being able to develop great content.

Being the plumber

Having an idea is the easiest part when creating a game. There are thousand of things required to get your content moving. We try to make things easy. That's why we provide you with the tools to develop your own games, and the solutions so you don't have to be concerned with the transversal problems related to making games.

Just HTML5

Here you can create your own games using just HTML5. If you know how to make websites (and some JavaScript) you can start coding right now! We just provide APIs, interconnectivity and a simplified development pipeline so you can develop the games you have in your mind.

Play everywhere

We want to go beyond mobile. We want your games to be played everywhere. We give you the means so that you can develop your game, and with minimum effort target the most platforms possible.

Get to know the team

We are a group of young Portuguese engineers working in our spare time trying to make a vision for the future of gaming come true.

Looking for help?

Check out our documentation or contact us for support.


Please direct media inquiries to press@intigos.com.